G’s Driver’s License Weight Challenge – 10, 10, 10 and Day 64 Results

10, 10, 10

First, I’d like to celebrate that this challenge has officially become my longest running challenge! Today, I started Week 10. Previously, my longest challenge was completed in 8 weeks. I’ve also done 90-day, as well as 6-week, challenges. Although I estimated the end date, this challenge will not be “complete” until I reach my goal, and I fully intend to reach it however long it takes. What excites me is that the plan is working, and I am in no way counting the days until this is over. In fact, when I found myself counting down to that end date, I stopped pretty quickly because, one, I don’t know the exact date I will reach my goal and, two, counting down makes it seem like I can’t wait for the challenge itself to be over. On the contrary, I am fully enjoying this challenge and what I can’t wait for is to see what the results look like when I reach my goal – I can’t wait to see how my body has changed from the before to after picture; I can’t wait to see the weights I will be lifting compared to what I was lifting when I started; I can’t wait to get my cholesterol checked and hearing my doctor say it’s all good! And I can’t wait to see how I use the exercise and nutrition plan of this challenge and mold it into my new lifestyle so I can maintain my results afterwards.

Secondly, I’d like to talk about the 10,000 steps portion of this challenge. As I mentioned when I broke down the exercise plan, the reason for the 10,000 steps goal was to increase my activity level. I’d like to celebrate that I’ve found ways to do this “naturally” rather than just hopping on my air climber or going outside for the sole purpose of walking or running 10,000 steps. Besides the fact that the quarantine has been relaxed, I’m getting out with my family more, checking on our properties, going dirt bike riding, riding our bicycles around, etc. Therefore, I’d like to note that if I don’t record at least 10,000 steps on my daily results, it’s because I did some other type of activity. After using my air climber for the past 10 weeks, I’ve estimated that it takes about 6 minutes per 1,000 steps (1 hour to get 10,000). My goal is to do an equivalent amount of time doing different activities if I do something other than walk or air climb (research shows that rowing, jumping rope, riding my bike, etc. even burns more calories than walking). This being said, I will update my earlier post outlining the plan to clarify this.

Lastly, I’d like to celebrate again being 10 pounds down! This will be a good time to review my plan and adjust anything accordingly (i.e. recalculate my calories based on my new weight, etc.)

Day 64 Results

  • Weight: 131.2 pounds (16.2 to go!)
  • Steps: 10,517 (as of 10:05pm)
  • Lows: Meal 3 was not measured (ate the rest of my pizza from last night). Didn’t do the HIIT I scheduled today, but I will split it between 2 sessions this Tuesday and Thursday. The HIIT I missed last week will be split between 2 sessions this Monday and Friday.
  • Highs: Weight didn’t go down, but it didn’t go up! I was short on time and completed leg day at a faster pace than normal, while still increasing weights!
  • Nutrition:
    • Meal 1 – 1 slice of white bread, 1 slice of American cheese, 1 whole egg and .5 c egg whites, scrambled
    • Meals 2 – 1 serving of protein shake
    • Meal 3 -homemade pizza on pita bread; ate half; ingredients were pizza sauce, fat-free mozzarella cheese, grilled/rotisserie chicken, mushrooms, yellow bell pepper, spinach, pineapple
    • Meal 4 and Postworkout (combined) – 2 servings of protein shake
    • Meal 5 – .5 c steamed white Basmati rice, 4 oz baked trout, mushrooms, Brussels sprouts, lemon juice
  • Exercise: (1st number is the number of reps, 2nd number is the weight on each side, 0 means bar only for curl/barbell moves or body weight for others)
    • Step up to reverse lunge combo set – 6-20, 6-22.5, 6-25
    • Goblet squats – 3×15-50
    • Bulgarian split squats – 8-25, 8-27.5, 8-30
    • Barbell squats – 12-30, 9-32.5, 6-35
    • Calf raises – 3×20-25
    • Deadlifts with curl bar – 12-37.5, 9-40, 6-42.5
    • LISS – air climber to get my steps in
  • All other markers checked.

Don’t forget to recognize and deliver love today! ❤ G

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