About Me

Who Am I and Why the Blog?

I’m hoping you get a deeper insight into “who” I am by starting with the “why”, rather than the basic “about me” list further below…

So, why the blog? I’d like to do something to make a positive difference in people’s lives. This, of course, starts with me, my family, and the circle of friends and colleagues around me.

I think the best way to influence someone is by example. From the limited information I do share currently, it’s clear to others how happy and loving my family is, and I believe we’ve made an impact on how they treat each other. 

However, with social media, it doesn’t have to stop with my inner circle and the prospect of changing people’s lives for the better on a larger scale is the reason for this blog.

Four years ago, I started the Delivering Love Project (DLP) in hopes that it will help people, wherever they are in the world, to recognize different expressions of love and to learn different ways to deliver love in return. The DLP had a lot more followers at one point. (Twitter was a little exhausting for me, and I made a note below about my ADHD, but I think I’ve been true to my word about recognizing and delivering love through my current social media outlets and I will continue to do so here.)

With being able to have helped others, I’ve realized that I can help them with more than just topics of love. So, while different people may gauge their success based on different factors, I’ve decided to talk about a variety of subjects including family, fun, faith, fitness, food, finances, freedom and fulfillment – from parenting and investments to nutrition and work/life balance in hopes that my story can benefit others –  maybe you can learn from our successes and even our mistakes, and find happiness and #fulfillment along the way.

A challenge I am trying to work through with this new project is how to do this without sounding like I’m bragging. But, I think it will be important to share things like what my amazing husband does for me, or that we and our boys are absolute best friends, or about our latest Real Estate investment to lay a foundation as to why you’d even like to follow this blog. So, I can’t control how you will perceive it. However, if I can relate it to something that I’ve always heard in terms of being successful at business, it’s that I should surround myself with successful people, especially those more successful than me. Sure, I can feel envious at times about what other people have accomplished. However, I’ve learned to change my focus and perspective – to realize what I want for myself, to learn ways to get what I want, to use them as motivation, and to simply just be happy for them!

So, who am I? I don’t think I can describe myself without describing “us”. Here are some things about us that you may or may not know, that I will have future posts about. If you are interested in learning more about how we do it, or even if you’re just curious, read on. While we have a whole lot more work to do to get to where we want to get, and life certainly isn’t always perfect, we’re perfectly happy about where we’ve been and where we’re going. 

  1. We are a family of four – my husband, Farhad, I am Gianna, and we have two boys, Nikolas and Dominik (the “ND” in This ND That). 
  1. We believe in God, and we believe in love. 
  1. Farhad and I have been married for almost 18 years (since April of 2002). 
  1. The Real Estate investments I mentioned – we have one left in Maryland where we used to live, and the others are in Florida where we moved to in 2018. (#Floridaaah – that’s another one of my favorite F words!)
  1. We have no credit card, personal, auto, or student loan debt. 
  1. Outside of the US, we’ve traveled to Turkey and to the Philippines a few times. 
  1. We have a couple vehicles and a couple trailers, but 6 motorcycles. 
  1. We own a company – MOTOvated Designs, selling motivational, family, fun and faith based motocross-related items. 
  1. The boys are currently in middle and high school. 
  1. Farhad and I used to work together at our “day” jobs. He is now retired.
  1. The 4 of us work out together. 
  1. And lastly (for now) the 4 of us have self-diagnosed ADHD. So, these blog posts will probably be short and to the point, and I hope you enjoy them while they last – I will post as often as my time and attention allows! 

As a closing, I’d like to remind or challenge you to take the time to recognize and deliver love at home and wherever life takes you! ❤ G

My mission is to deliver a message of love through every word I speak (or write) and action I take, reflective of my favorite F words – Family, Fun, Faith, Fitness, Food, Finances, Freedom, and Fulfillment! – have you written down your mission statement?