G’s Driver’s License Weight Challenge – Final Plan Breakdown: Sleep and Accountability and Day 48 Results


Well, it took me long enough to get to the end of breaking down the entire plan for this challenge – just about 7 weeks, actually. It’s hard to believe I’m so far in, especially when I’ve been feeling so good. Sure, this challenge takes a lot of time and effort, but it has been far from “painful”. I’m eating #foods that I enjoy, I’ve been having a great time working out with my #family, and it’s definitely not killing me to get more sleep!

Sleep is often listed as essential to fat loss, with 7-9 hours recommended per night. Truthfully, that was all I needed to hear and you’ll never have to twist my arm when it comes to sleep. But I certainly have read about the positive effects of sufficient sleep on your mood, your recovery, etc., so I made sure to add it to the plan.

At this point, I do want to note that every time I’ve listed not getting enough hours of sleep on my daily results posts, it’s because I didn’t quite get 8 hours. Not one time, however, do I remember getting less than 7, so I will update the original posting of the plan from 8 hours to 7-9 (as you get to know me, you’ll learn how I’m too precise for my own good). I will also say that I can often get more than 9, and I also take naps whenever I feel sleepy during the day. Have you ever heard of hypersomnia? Well, I have it and, rather than writing about it later, you can watch an old video from my YouTube channel:


Pictures – What’s even harder to believe than already being 7 weeks into this challenge, is that I’m still making tweaks to the plan. But I am learning as I go, and I think it’s important to be flexible (something I am also working to improve on for myself). I’m learning what works to motivate me, and what doesn’t. I think I would rather wait until the completion of this challenge to take an “after” picture to compare to my Day 1 photo, rather than also taking a “progress” picture halfway.

Weigh-In – Seeing my weight on the scale going down definitely motivates me, but even though my weight isn’t lower every morning, it is important for me to weigh in and track my progress this way. It keeps me accountable to stick to the plan and to know the effects if I don’t. I weigh in first thing every morning .

Daily Post – As I mentioned when I first introduced this challenge, I’ve been at it for over a year prior, and failing. I kept telling myself that I have more time to reach my goal and, conversely, making excuses like I don’t have time because of this or that. There are different schools of thought when it comes to goal setting – some say keep your goals to yourself, but that’s just not me. One of my all-time favorite quotes is this:

“When you state what you want, you either start making it happen, or start making excuses.” – Unknown

I’m not afraid of failure, and I definitely do not like making excuses. I will rise up to this challenge and will own any mistakes I make. And I will keep at it until I reach my goal. One thing is certain, I will show up every day, and I will post my results every night.

Day 48 Results

  • Weight: 134.2 pounds (19.2 to go!)
  • Steps: 10,338 (as of 11:24pm)
  • Lows: Didn’t get quite 8 hours of sleep, but I woke up rested and just didn’t go back. Couldn’t really measure Meal 3.
  • Highs: Weight hit a new low on this challenge!
  • Nutrition:
    • Meal 1 – 1 slice of white bread, 1 slice of American cheese, 1 whole egg and .5 c egg whites, scrambled
    • Meals 2 and 4 – 1 serving of protein shake
    • Meal 3 – 8 oz total Iranian macaroni
    • Meal 5 – salad with 4 oz baked chicken breast, lettuce, 10 g croutons, 7 g raspberries, blueberries and walnuts, 14 g blue cheese, zero-everything raspberry vinaigrette
  • Exercise:
    • LISS – air climber to get my steps in
  • All other markers checked.

Don’t forget to recognize and deliver love today! ❤ G

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