Florida Dominates the Top 25 List of Best Places to Retire

In 2011, Farhad and I went to Boca Raton for the Community Association Institute’s National Conference (CAI’s annual event). While Boca didn’t make the list below, we fell in love with Florida on this trip! We decided to start moving our money down from Maryland, starting with investing in a property in Central Florida. We would rent it out and we didn’t pay too much attention as to where in Florida it was, as long as the numbers made sense. In fact, we found our first property online, had our real estate agent Skype us in for the inspections, and saw it in person for the first time the day of closing! Our tenants were waiting for their new construction to be built and, as it was completed in 2018, Nikolas graduated middle school. It was the perfect time to move down!

In honor of our 4th Florida-versary, I thought it would be #fun to see where people are retiring to in 2022! I’m a bit biased, but it didn’t surprise me one bit that Florida tops the charts. According to the US News, the following Florida cities are rated the most desirable:

  • Sarasota (1)
  • Naples (2)
  • Daytona Beach (3)
  • Melbourne (4)
  • Tampa (6)
  • Fort Myers (7)
  • Port St. Lucie (8)
  • Pensacola (10)
  • Lakeland (12)
  • Ocala (16)
  • Orlando (18)

I love that it cited happiness as one of the various reasons for Florida’s desirability! We’ve been so happy with our move to Florida and we’ve loved every city we’ve explored. And palm trees just seem to always put a smile on my face! 🌴🌞

You can see the whole list in the US News Money section. #finances

As always, don’t forget to recognize and deliver love today! ❤ G

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