G’s Driver’s License Weight Challenge COMPLETE!

After 171 days, I woke up this morning and weighed in at 114.8 pounds! “I did it! Thank you, God!” These were my exact thoughts as I ran to let my boys know. I couldn’t have done this without their help, nor without them as my motivation.

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I am literally in the BEST SHAPE OF MY LIFE! I know my target was my weight on my first driver’s license when I was 16 years old, but I’m pretty sure I lied on that application LOL! Sure, I was pretty fit in high school playing sports year round, but I was not toned at all and my weight was an uphill battle ever since.

Weight definitely fluctuates and I had to really be strong when weighing in daily, but it’s true – your weekly average weight always goes down when you focus on “fat loss” with a combination of a high protein diet and weight training, as opposed to starving yourself and just doing hours of cardio.

As I mentioned, being 115 pounds (or less!) was my goal, but the way I designed my plan to reach this goal was to help with my cholesterol levels as well. My LDL was 149 at my annual physical this past January, and it is now 93!

When I started this challenge, I weighed in at 141.0 pounds. At 5’1, my body mass index (BMI) was 26.7, which is considered overweight. After losing 26.2 pounds, I am now at a BMI of 21.7, right in the middle of the normal range!

I am so grateful for the gift of health, at least in terms of weight and fitness. There are things out of my control, whether hereditary, or unknown, and even with COVID! I actually haven’t been able to work out the past couple of weeks because of reasons my doctors are still trying to determine, and I miss it terribly! I certainly now know that getting to work out is a privilege not to be taken for granted. I also now know without a doubt that nutrition trumps exercise when it comes to weight loss.

I definitely took advantage of being in quarantine. After pigging out the 1st week of lock down, I knew this would either lead to something terrible or something great and I had to CHOOSE great. Of course, not travelling as much sucks and not seeing family and friends sucks even more, but it sure helped with time and #food choices.

I don’t recall a time, even at 16, when I wasn’t trying to lose weight. This is definitely a #first for me! Now, the challenge is to maintain and not hop back on the yo-yo. My favorite part of this challenge was that I did it the “right” way – no gimmicks, no shortcuts, no cutting out food groups, and certainly no secrets. Everything I did is on this blog and is all based on what we know but don’t want to hear – eat less and move more! I lost a healthy 1 pound a week. I found food choices that really don’t feel like “diet foods”, so this will hopefully transition easily into a new lifestyle. I enjoyed cake at family celebrations (via Zoom of course) and cookies when I really craved them and still lost the weight!

I was #flexible, except when it came to alcohol. I had 0 alcohol for 171 days, 24 and a half weeks, and through at least (also via Zoom) a dozen team happy hours! #Farhad and I are certainly drinking in celebration tonight! But despite being flexible, it took persistence, consistency, and a lot of patience. My daily accountability posts were definitely getting old!

I wish I had saved the LinkedIn post that I read from which I had my life’s “aha! moment”. Basically, what I got from it was that if I can succeed in something that challenges me to a great extent, I can succeed at anything. I can’t describe enough how this has been the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Yes, the official challenge took almost 6 months, but this has been my goal weight for almost 22 years! I feel on top of the world right now and I feel like I can do anything! With God all things are possible, and I am feeling more invincible than ever!

Thank you for following my journey and for your continued love and support. As always, don’t forget to recognize and deliver love today! ❤ G

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